What to Do on Your First Visit to Locum Tenens USA Website

Whether you are the human resources manager of a government agency or university, a hospital administrator or a clinician seeking employment, Locumtenensusa.com is the right destination for all of your staffing needs. With a solid commitment to patient care, we help employers to connect with skilled clinicians who are seeking an opportunity to provide patients with essential health care services. Use these four guidelines to make the most of your first time on the website.

Establish a Recruiter or Agency Account

We have made it easy for a recruiter or agency to set up an account with us. To begin, recruiters may enter their location and type of practice, such as telemedicine or mission work. You can enter multiple locations to reflect where you are in need of clinicians. Search through the candidates, post jobs and more with your free recruiter or agency account.

Set Up Your Candidate Account

We have also made it easy for clinicians to set up a candidate account. With a free candidate account, clinicians can upload a resume or a curriculum vitae. These documents can then be reviewed by recruiters, who may wish to communicate with you and see if you would be a good fit for a job opening in their organization. If you do not already have a curriculum vitae, you can build one in minutes. Our online tools allow you to create an easy-to-read document that will make it possible for recruiters and human resources managers to search for candidates and choose you based on your skills, experience or education.

Peruse the Listings of Job Openings or Upload Openings at Your Organization

Once you have set up a recruiter, agency or clinician account with us, you can get started right away with perusing the listings of job openings. Jobs as therapists, home health aides and nurse practitioners are expected to increase up to 34 to 43 percent between 2014 and 2024.[1] Search based on specific criteria, such as the location of the job opening, experience and more. If you are a human resources manager or government agency administrator, you can start uploading your job openings right away.

Communicate With Clinicians or Agencies About Opportunities

Once a candidate has responded to your job opening or you have found an opening that excites you, you can communicate directly with the clinician or agency about the opportunity. You can choose to communicate anonymously. If you prefer to reveal your identity, you can communicate by name, too. Our straightforward communications system simplifies the process of applying for a job, setting up an interview and learning more about a candidate or position.


[1] https://www.bls.gov/ooh/fastest-growing.htm

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