Being a locum tenens healthcare provider can offer you a wide variety of opportunities to expand your professional experience and make life changing decisions without a permanent commitment.  It is becoming standard procedure for many healthcare organizations, physician practices, clinics and hospitals to fill the increasing void left by a shortage of healthcare providers with locum tenens practitioners.  If you are looking for a diversity of experience, love to travel, want to build your CV, are adventurous and want to test the waters of where to settle down, the locum experience is for you! Following are some of the best reasons to work a locum tenens job:

1. It affords you the chance to get to know different specialties and enhance your clinical experience. Locum providers generally see a greater diversity of cases and experience different types of management than physicians committed to one practice.

2. You have the flexibility and control over your work schedule. Enjoy a reasonable schedule that allows enough time off so you do not enter the world of professional burnout. Life balance is important, which means not being on call every other night or every weekend.

3. Gain experience in different settings, i.e., urban, suburban or rural health care establishments. This experience can help you decide what your dream job really is while continuing to build your resume.

4. It is a great way to earn extra money if you want to moonlight while still working in a full time position. There are locum opportunities for work where you live, without having to travel. Pay off student debt or save for a down payment on a house.

5. Unlimited travel and control over your free time. Deciding where locum tenens will take you can allow you to pursue recreational activities that interest you. Go skiing, hiking, surfing or pursue any extracurricular activities you wish.  Whatever your interest, there is a location available.

You have invested in your education and current work experience.   What better way to gain experience and share your knowledge while providing for communities and patients who need you?  Building a network across the country while doing what you love and at the same time earning a great income couldn’t be easier.  The opportunities are endless and the practical value that will be added to your curriculum vitae will reflect flexibility and diversity.  Locum tenens can help lead you to future vocational contentment.

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