Preparing Your Hospital For A Locum Tenen

Proper preparation goes a long way to providing a smooth transition when bringing in a locum tenen. It requires a small amount of attention and pays large dividends for you, your provider and your locum tenens patients. Protect Your Patients Gear everything you do...

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Locum Tenens As Emergency Medical Professionals

The increased demand for urgent emergency room care has meant increased staff shortages at many hospitals. Many facilities are now turning to locum tenens to compensate for staffing issues. Locum Tenens as Emergency Medical Professionals There are more than 100...

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Key Points To Negotiating A Physician Contract

There are three key points to keep in mind when negotiating a successful contract for a physician. How to Successfully Negotiate a Physician's Contract The prevalence of chronic diseases and the aging of the population have resulted in a high demand for physician...

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How To Choose A Locum Tenen Agency

Make your experience as a locum tenens professional a productive and rewarding one by taking some important steps and precautions when selecting a recruiting agency to find positions for you. How to Choose a Locum Tenen Agency Recruitment agencies serve important...

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How Doctors Are Managing The Opioid Epidemic

Overdose and deaths due to opioid use are rising at a fast rate in the United States. The medical profession is now taking steps to curb opioid usage by trying different pain management techniques and teaching doctors about the dangers of prescribing opioids. How...

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Hospitals Integrating Behavioral Health

Hospitals around the country continue to pursue a comprehensive approach toward health care. This approach has led to hospitals integrating behavioral health across the industry. The Integration of Behavioral Health Across the Health Care Industry The health care...

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Airline Travel Tips For Locum Tenens

Working as a locum tenens professional provides many valuable experiences in different environments and locations. Keeping certain airline travel tips in mind can ease travel burdens for locum tenens. Airline Travel Tips for Locum Tenens Being a locum tenens...

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15 Questions About Working for Locum Tenens USA

What does locum tenens mean? The term “locum tenens” is derived from Latin and means “holding one’s place”. What does a locum tenens practitioner do? A locum tenens practitioner is one who temporarily fills in for another provider during vacations, medical leaves,...

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