The holidays can seriously affect people who experience medical emergencies.[1] That’s because they frequently lead to emergency room wait times that are markedly lengthier than normal.[2] Patients who head to the emergency room during the holiday season often have to compete with many others who are in the middle of similar situations.

The Holiday Season Is Busy Season

Urgent medical issues tend to be significantly more common during the holiday season. That’s one of the reasons why emergency rooms are so jam-packed at that time. There are quite a few factors that may contribute to the increase in pressing medical concerns. People tend to eat a lot more during the holidays. Parties and gatherings often present people with seemingly irresistible and often unhealthy choices in holiday treats.

There are a couple of other major components that are associated with increases in medical emergencies during the holidays as well. Frequent partying can bring on burnout and exhaustion. Stress, in general, can make people much more susceptible to medical woes.[3] It can be tough to cope with the frustrations of jam-packed schedules, nonstop travel, gift selection and more. Physicians will see patients with all kinds of medical concerns during the holidays, including those dealing with alcohol intoxication, food poisoning and other issues.

On top of the rise in the number of patients they have to see, healthcare professionals also have to deal with increased workloads. This is particularly true for those who work in emergency rooms. It can be especially difficult to deal with increases in emergencies when other people are away. It also isn’t uncommon for people to take time off during the holiday season. Doctors, nurses and administrative assistants may go on vacation, adding to the workload.

Appointment Changes Affect Schedules

Appointment changes are common during the holidays as patients have to deal with healthcare clinics’ minimal holiday hours. Patients may cancel or skip their appointments without notice altogether, and physicians may find themselves with more walk-ins due to emergency cases. This can affect healthcare provider schedules in big ways as they’re forced to fit in unexpected patients.

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