Locum Tenens in Healthcare

According to a recent survey on physician staffing trends, 94 percent of healthcare facilities reported using locum tenens physicians in 2016.[1] At a time when clinics and hospitals are facing physician shortages and evolving delivery models, locum tenens doctors are playing an increasingly important role in providing medical care.

Why Healthcare Providers Are Turning to Locum Tenens Assignments

One of the main reasons that many physicians turn to locum tenens work is because it offers a more flexible schedule than traditional hospital or clinic placements. With a flexible schedule, physicians can choose when and where to work. Locum tenens assignments also provide physicians with benefits such as:

Diverse experience

Not everyone is ready to settle into a permanent position at one facility. Locum tenens enables a physician to try out various hospitals and healthcare services in different states.

More family time

With so many patients to care for, most professionals do not find enough time to be home with their family. Locum tenens allows physicians to stop thinking about work when they are away from the office.

More “me” time

With a flexible schedule, you can focus on a hobby and other personal interests. You can also use your free time to improve your skills.

More revenue

Some doctors use locum tenens to help supplement their income. If you find a recruiter who is searching for physicians willing to work in place of another physician, you may not want to pass up on the opportunity. It will provide you with new experiences as well as a paycheck.

Locum Tenens and Indian Health Services

Physicians who start taking locum tenens tasks can enjoy improved time management and develop a better attitude about their work. There are a few ways to begin as a locum tenens physician. Many doctors find this type of work through Indian service organizations. Working with Indian services can be rewarding because it gives you the ability to meet the medical needs of underserved Native populations affected by disproportionate disease burdens.[2]


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[2] https://www.ihs.gov/newsroom/factsheets/disparities/

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