Many physicians endorse locum tenens because of the wonderful volunteer opportunities it gives them, thanks to their flexible schedules.

Great Volunteer Opportunities for Locum Tenens Physicians

A locum tenens provider is in a unique position to become involved in volunteer opportunities because they can take control of their schedules. Volunteering to be a part of locum tenens can be done at home and anywhere you may be, even during the time you have your medical assignments.

Volunteer Opportunities for Busy Healthcare Professionals

Physicians are normally away from home for several weeks to months, which is why trying to give back may not seem practical. A one-time volunteer opportunity or those that only require short-term participation can be ideal. Going door to door for a campaign, chaperoning a youth group’s camping trip, or helping put up a first-aid tent for a charity biking event are just some of the ideas for volunteering.

The activities for volunteer work are great opportunities that enable meeting new people, not just the patients. They also help physicians stay connected in the community while doing a good deed for others.

How Locum Tenens Providers Help in Creating Volunteer Opportunities

Physicians have control over their schedule[1], which makes it realistic to provide help and offer skills that are valuable to medical missions. In states like Alaska and Arizona, you can volunteer with Indian Services even as you provide locum tenens services to these underrepresented populations.

Local and Abroad

Some physicians choose to help during natural disasters. The American Red Cross is one of the organizations that assists people in times of flood, hurricane, earthquake and fire. You can contact them or find a recruiter who you can talk to about how you can be of service.

You may think that if you have assignments, you can no longer be involved in volunteer work. However, one of the benefits of locum tenens is that you can travel [2] and still have time to enjoy your favorite hobby.

If you are in an unfamiliar state or region, you can always find opportunities for volunteer work through local charities, churches, schools, and animal shelters.[3] Some senior centers also allow physicians to help in their activities. During the holidays, many organizations support rescue missions and extra hands are generally appreciated at hospitals.





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