When you need to fill healthcare positions, you can get the job done on your own, or you can call upon the services of a professional recruiter. There are pros and cons to each approach, but in general, using a recruiter is the more beneficial way to go. Consider just a few of the key benefits.

It Saves Time

Recruiting on your own is a serious time investment. One or more of your managers will have to take the time to write out a job description, broadly distribute it, reach out to candidates and potential candidates, properly vet all candidates and schedule people for interviews. Someone in your organization might have the time and skill for this, but often, that is not the case. A professional, independent recruiter can take care of the recruitment process while your staff focuses on their own work.[1]

It Saves Costs

Going through an outside recruiter is often less expensive than having your team do recruiting in-house. The costs of having your own managers recruit candidates balloons quickly. Between overhead costs, benefits, their cost per hour and the lost progress they could be making in other revenue-generating areas, hiring an independent recruiter starts to look like a bargain.[2] You will also get more experienced help and value for your money.

You Get Clearly Defined Job Descriptions

One major advantage of using a recruiter versus doing it alone is that it forces you to pinpoint exactly what you are looking for. A good job description is key to attracting quality people who will meet the needs of your organization to the role. A recruiter can ask the right questions and come up with a solid job description that will be targeted to the healthcare providers you need. For example, you might not know that someone with an Indian Service background would be a preferred candidate, and a recruiter can make that connection for you.

You Can Attract (and Keep) the Best Candidates

Accomplishing these two things is generally much more challenging than healthcare organizations think it will be. This is particularly true for locum tenens providers because you want the best, most qualified physicians to fill in and service your patients. You will also need to find them quickly and frequently. Recruiters know the right places to look for candidates and what motivates candidates to want to apply for a job. During calls, they know where to steer the conversation in order to get the most relevant information, such as a related hobby, out of each potential candidate. They are also going to know how to treat candidates so that the best talent doesn’t lose interest in the position.


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