We have multiple clients who utilize our physicians who do consults through telemedicine. These clients will work with you on your availability or you may be able to work full time. We utilize a HIPPA compliant platform for compliance. Here is some product information:
The majority of these patients are seeking DME orthotics like a back or knee brace and we can provide literature upon request. For DME’s a PECOS certification is required. There are also some patients that are requesting pain creams, scar creams and metabolic supplements as well. Again we will provide some information on those products as well, however sometimes the product ingredients vary. In addition, you may customize (add or delete) ingredients in any way you deem. A simple job description would be a physician that reviews each medical history provided to you by our medical assistants, contacts patient and reviews their medical history and the products they are seeking and if you feel appropriate, signing their order or prescription. Compensation is on a per consult basis and we cover your malpractice.
We also have a client who has a Wellness Program. This involves wellness and allergen and hive test, a complete blood panel and when the lab has results they send to physician for a follow up consult. You would read the results, explain anything out of normal ranges, allergies and anything that may cause hives. This program is compensated higher due to follow up consults.
You may participate in all the above or chose a preference. For more information contact us at:

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